PUBLIC NOTICE Trapper Mining Inc.

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Trapper Mining Inc. intends to modify its permit (CDRMS Permit No. C-1981-010, approved 11/29/17) with Technical Revision TR-126 to address the Midterm Review No. 8 Response; CY Monitor Wells Information; Revised Bond Release Forb Diversity Standard; Incorporation of new NPDES Surface Water Monitoring Requirements; Coyote Pond Spillway Modification; Update Haulroad Certification Section; Cultural Resources Survey Report for West I/J Pits. All reviews and comment periods as provided in the Act and Regulations promulgated thereunder initiate from this date of filing. Trapper Mine is located 6½ miles south of Craig, Colorado. The specific area to which this proposed permit revision applies is:

T5N, R90W Section 4 W½NW¼, W½SW¼,SE¼SW¼, NE¼SW¼ south west of Moffat County Road 33, W½W½NE¼NW¼, W½W½SE¼NW¼
Section 5 All
Section 6 N½, N½ S½
Section 8 N½NW¼, N½NE¼
Section 9 N½NW¼, NW¼NW¼ south west of Moffat County Road 33.
T5N, R91W Section 1 N½, SW¼, N½ SE¼, SW¼ SE¼.
Section 2 All.
Section 3 All.
Section 4 E½, E½E½ SW¼, E½SE¼NW¼, NE¼NW¼.
Section 5 NE¼,
T6N, R90W Section 30 SW¼.
Section 31 All.
Section 32 S½, S½ N½, NW¼NW¼.
Section 33 That portion which lies west of the ROW of Moffat County Road 33.
T6N, R91W Section 21 That portion containing Trapper Mining Inc. access.
Section 25 S½, S½ N½.
Section 26 S½, S½ N½.
Section 27 S½, S½ N½, S½ N½ NE¼, SE¼ NE¼ NW¼.
Section 28 That portion east of County Road 107, and north of the Trapper Mine access road.
Section 29 S½ SE¼, SE¼ SW¼, E 150' W½ W½.
Section 32 E½, E½ W½, E 150' W½ W½.
Section 33 All.
Section 34 All.
Section 35 All.
Section 36 All.

The Castor Gulch USGS 7.5-minute quadrangle map contains the location of the affected area. The subject Technical Revision is available for public inspection at the Moffat County Court¬house, 221 W. Victory Way, Craig, CO. Written comments, objections, requests for public hearing or informal conference concerning this permit revision may be submitted to, and additional information obtained from, the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety, 215 Centennial Bldg., 1313 Sherman St., Denver CO 80203, (303) 866-3567. Comments must be received by the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety within 10 days of the last publication of this notice. This notice published December 2, 2020

The mailing address for Trapper Mine is: Forrest V. Luke
Environmental Manager
Trapper Mining Inc.
P.O. Box 187
Craig CO 81626

Published in the Craig Press on December 2, 2020. 0000641875