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NOTICE OF PURCHASE OF MANUFACTURED HOME AT TAX LIEN SALE AND OF APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP Tax Lien Certificate: 2016202 Schedule Number: M000760 To Every Person in Actual Possession or Occupancy of the hereinafter Described Manufactured Home, and to the Person in Whose Name the same was Taxed and to all Persons having an Interest or Title of Record in or to the said Premises and To Whom it May Concern, and more especially to: Michael Robert Teeter & Glorybee Ramos. You and each of you are hereby notified that on the 2nd day of November, A.D. 2017, the then County Treasurer of the County of Moffat, in the State of Colorado sold at public tax lien sale the following described Manufactured Home situate in the County of Moffat, State of Colorado. And whereas in the time and place aforesaid, No bid was entered, therefore the certificate was Purchased by Moffat County, on the below described Manufactured Home for the sum of TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY DOLLARS and 66 CENTS, being the whole amount of taxes, delinquent interest, distrant fees and advertising costs then due and remaining unpaid upon said Manufactured Home for that tax year. Subsequently; this certificate was assigned to: United Resource & Reserve, LLC on the 24th day of October, 2019 at 20193084 for the amount of: SEVEN HUNDRED FIVE DOLLARS and 63 CENTS. DESCRIPTION OF MANUFACTURED HOME Make: Col Size: 16x76 Year: 1995 Serial Number: 2J520790H Title Number: 42E248523 Location of Manufactured Home: Subd: CEDAR MTN MOBILE PK Lot: 629 925 W 1st St # 629 Craig, CO 81625 There having been no redemption within the one year period on the Tax Sale Certificate, I hereby transfer all the right, title, and interest of the taxpayer in and to the above described Manufactured Home to: United Resource & Reserve, LLC. That said United Resource & Reserve, LLC; the present holder of said certificate, who has made request upon the Treasurer of said County for a certificate of ownership to said Manufactured Home; That a TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP, will be issued for said MANUFACTURED HOME to the said United Resource & Reserve, LLC at ten O' Clock A.M. on the 18th day of December A.D. 2019, unless same has been redeemed. Said Manufactured Home may be redeemed from sale at any time prior to the actual execution of said TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP. Witness my hand this 6th day of November, A.D. 2019. LINDA PETERS Treasurer of Moffat County Published in the Craig Press November 13, 2019 0000508355