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Seneca Properties, LLC, 29515 Routt County Road 27, Oak Creek, Colorado 80467, has filed with the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety a Permit Renewal (No. 07) for the Seneca II-W Mine, Permit C-82-057. This application is to renew the approved permit for the next 5 year permit term. Coal
extraction has been completed at the mine and continuing activity under the permit will be limited to
reclamation, maintenance and monitoring.

The general legal description of the Seneca II-W Permit Area is described as:

T5N, R88W (Mine Area)
Section 9: Portions of SE¼NE¼, NE¼SE¼, and W½NE¼
Section 10: S½S½NW¼, SW¼, SE¼, Portions of S½NE¼
Section 11: Portions of S½S½SW¼
Section 14: Portions of SW¼, NW¼, and S½S½SE¼
Section 15: All
Section 16: Portions of W½NW¼, SE¼NW¼, NE¼SW¼, and SE¼
Section 21: Portions of E½NE¼
Section 22: NW¼, NE¼, N½SE¼ , SW¼SE¼, Portions of N½SW¼, and SW¼SE¼
Section 23: NW¼, SW¼, W½E½, and W½E½E½
Section 26: W½, W½E½, and Portions of W½E½NE¼ and W½E½SE¼
Section 27: E½
Section 34: NE¼, N½SE¼, and Portions of N½S½SE¼
Section 35: NW¼, W½NE¼, N½SW¼ and Portions of N½S½SW¼,
NW¼SE¼, NW¼SW¼SE¼, NW¼NE¼SE¼, and W½E½NE¼

All west of the 6th Principal Meridian; totaling 3,878.5 acres.

Legal owners of record of the surface of the permit area are:
Babson Farms, Inc.
Boulware, Joe Wood and Jody Boulware Perret
Colorado, State of
Dave Smith & Sons LLC
Friederich, George T. and Norine M.
Hayden Public Library
Salt River Project (ETAL)
Sage Creek Holdings LLC
Steamboat Partners LP
USA (Bureau of Land Management)

The Seneca II-W Mine is located approximately seven miles south of the Town of Hayden, Colorado. The USGS 7.5 Minute Quadrangle Maps of Hayden Gulch, Dunckley, and Mt. Harris, contain the described
permit area. No changes to approved mining and reclamation plans are proposed in the renewal application.

Copies of the PAP (less confidential materials) are available for inspection at the mine office and the office of the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety. A copy of the Renewal Application is also available for public inspection at the:

Foidel Creek Mine Office
29515 Routt County Road 27
Oak Creek, CO 80467

Written comments or objections to the Permit renewal application; a request for informal conference
summarizing the requestor's issue(s) and indicating whether or not the requestor desires the conference to be held in the mine locale; or a request for a public hearing (held in the mine locale) to determine whether the interests of the public and affected landowners will be protected (re: proximity of mining operations to public roads) should be submitted to the State of Colorado, Division of Reclamation, Mining, and Safety, 1313 Sherman Street, Room 215, Denver, Colorado 80203-2273 within thirty days of the last date of
publication of this notice.

Published in the Stemboat Pilot & Today on June 20, 27, July 4 and 11, 2020. 0000592393