NOTICE IS HEREBY, GIVEN that the Steambo

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NOTICE IS HEREBY, GIVEN that the Steamboat Springs City Council on Tuesday, July 7, 2020, adopted the following ordinances on second and final reading: ORDINANCE: 2759

An ordinance amending the City of Steamboat Springs Official Zone Map to adopt the Entry Corridor Overlay (EC) overlay zone, ZMA-17-03. ORDINANCE: 2760

An ordinance amending Chapter 26 of the Steamboat Springs Revised Municipal Code by amending Sections 236, 426, 437, and 438 and deleting Section 439 to incorporate the Entry Corridor Overlay Zone Design Standards into other sections of the Community Development Code, as applicable, TXT-20-01. ORDINANCE: 2761

4th Supplemental appropriation of 2020. General Fund phase II cuts: Revenue Reduction -Sales Tax $2,500,000; Revenue Reduction – all other 1,076,320; Revenue addition – summer camp (80,850); Expenditure Reduction all departments 1,570, 755; Expenditure Furlough adjust phase I to II (17,356); Use of Reserves 1,942,071; Utility Funds: Expenditure Reduction furloughs $70,368; Addition to Reserves 70,368; Airport Fund: Revenue Reduction phase I – transfer from general fund reduction and grant revenue $104,750; Expenditure Reduction phase I – operating and capital equipment 104,750; Expenditure Reduction furloughs 26,294; Addition to Reserves 26,294; Golf Fund: Expenditure Reduction furloughs $22,110; Addition to Reserves 22,110; Fleet Fund: Expenditure Reduction operating $46,620; Expenditure Reduction furloughs 27,456; Addition to Reserves 74,076; Net Utilization of Reserves for phase II cuts – All Funds $1,749,223; Other supplemental items: General Fund Revenue – endowment and donation $4,500; Expenditures 4,500; Use of Reserves 0; Utility Fund – Water Revenues $0; Expenditures 125,000; Use of Reserves 125,000.

This ordinance changed from first reading to second reading due to Council direction to add back summer camp programs. The net effect of the additional expenditure appropriation and budget transfer are reflected in the general fund expense reductions. The airport fund expenditure reduction was reduced from first to second reading. ORDINANCE: 2762

An ordinance approving the water lease and option agreement (Steamboat Lake) and providing an effective date and setting a hearing date.

Complete copies of these ordinances are available and can be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk, 137 10th Street, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and may be inspected at any time during normal business hours.



Published in the Steamboat Pilot & Today on July 13, 2020. 0000599496