PUBLIC NOTICE Trapper Mining Inc.

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Trapper Mining Inc. intends to conduct blasting operations during the one-year period commencing March 2021, at its Trapper Mine Surface coal operations in Moffat County, Colorado.

The blasting program will be conducted within the following areas:

Lancaster-Pit S1/2 Section 32, T6N, R90W and Section 5, T5N, R90W

N-Pit S1/2 SW1/4 Section 25 and Section 36, T6N, R91W

Ithaca Pit & Jennings Pit: Section 27, SE1/4 Section 28, N 1/2 Section 33, N 1/2 Section 34, T6N, R91W

The blasting program will be conducted daily between sunrise and sunset. Orange cones and/or 30" red and white octagon signs stating "Keep Out-Stop-Blasting Area" will identify all active blast patterns. In addition, guards will be placed at all major roadways that access the blast area at least 10 minutes prior to the detonation and remain in place until the all-clear signal.

The audible warnings prior to all blasts will be:

° Five (5) long siren signals at 5 minutes.

° Twenty (20) short siren signals at 3 minutes.

° Steady electric siren at 2 minutes.

° Tone changes electric siren at 30 seconds. The all-clear signal will be one long siren of 20 seconds in duration.

Emergency situation may require that blasts be conducted other than during daylight hours. Possible situations include:

1. Elimination of misfires.

2. Adverse weather conditions.

3. Equipment failures or shutdowns.

4. Safety-related reasons.

Trapper Mining Inc.'s general office is located at mine headquarters 61/2 miles south of Craig, Colorado on State HIghway 13. The mailing address for Trapper Mine is: Michael Morriss, President and General Manager, P.O. Box 187, Craig CO 81626.

Published in the Craig Press on February 24, 2021.