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LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF FOREST MANAGEMENT DECISION BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT NEGOTIATED TIMBER SALE AND TIMBER STAND IMPROVEMENT The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Kremmling Field Office, will implement a negotiated timber sale, through a Good Neighbor Agreement, to harvest dead, diseased, damaged, and wind-throw susceptible trees on approximately 24 acres of public lands in Grand County, Colorado (T. 3N., R. 76W., Section 11; 6th Principal Meridian). There is public access to this area; however, removal of timber from two of the three units is not feasible without access through adjacent private property. Following completion of the sales, undesirable live trees would be cut on up to 24 acres as a post-treatment follow-up to the sanitation salvage sale. These would be residual trees that would not contribute, or may be a detriment, to the future stand. Slash from these projects would be piled and burned and/or scattered across the treated sites. Noxious weeds would be treated to reduce their establishment, or spread, where they are found. This decision is consistent with the Kremmling Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan (KFO ROD/RMP) approved in June 2015, and amended in March 2019. The BLM has prepared a Determination of NEPA Adequacy and made it available to the public. The DNA (DOI-BLM-CO-N02-2019-0029-DNA) is available on the internet at: The decision to implement this forest management project may be protested under 43 CFR 5003 Administrative Remedies. As outlined in 43 CFR 5003 (a) and (b), protests of a forest management decision may be made within 15 days of the first publication date of the decision notice and shall contain a written statement of reasons for protesting the decision. In accordance with the regulations, this notice constitutes the decision document for the purpose of protests, which must be filed by close of business (4:30 p.m.) on September 26, 2019, with the Field Manager at the Kremmling Field Office, PO Box 68, 2103 E. Park Avenue, Kremmling Colorado, 80459. As interpreted by the BLM, the regulations do not authorize the acceptance of protests in any form other than a signed, paper document that is delivered to the physical address of the BLM office within the 15-day period. Therefore, email, verbal, or facsimile protests will not be accepted. Published in the Middle Park Times on September 12, 2019. 0000482293