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PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY, GIVEN that the Steamboat Springs City Council on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, adopted the following ordinances on second and final reading: ORDINANCE: 2692 An ordinance rezoning a tract of land located in the N1/2SE1/4 of Section 8, Township 6 North, Range 84 West, of the 6TH P.M., to be known as Soda Creek Overlook Lot 1, from Residential Neighborhood-One Zone District to Residential Neighborhood-Two Zone District, ZMA-19-01. ORDINANCE: 2693 An ordinance approving a lease agreement by and between the City of Steamboat Springs, a Municipal Corporation, and Tom Martindale DBA: Lazy Bar R Haying (pasture) and grazing cattle at the Legacy Ranch property, and providing an effective date and setting a hearing date. ORDINANCE: 2694 An ordinance amending Chapter 12, Article IV, Division 1 of the Steamboat Springs Revised Municipal Code, which pertains to Special Activity Permits; repealing Article IV of Chapter 20 which pertains to Parades; providing an effective date and repealing all conflicting ordinances. Complete copies of these ordinances are available and can be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk, 137 10th Street, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and may be inspected at any time during normal business hours. JULIE FRANKLIN, CMC CITY CLERK Published in the Steamboat Pilot May 19, 2019 0000424700